Canon C100

The Canon EOS C100 EF Cinema Camera inherits the design concept of the EOS C300, which put DSLR quality video in a groundbreaking form factor with the key features of a more traditional video camera. The C100 has been optimized for run-and-gun and one-man-band style shooting, a specialty of event videographers, documentarians and independent filmmakers. The C100 has One Shot AF, Push Auto Iris, a built-in microphone, and uncompressed HDMI out with superimposed timecode and 2:3 pull down marker.  We package it in a kit with a Ninja 2 recorder.

Not able to get the ninja to recognize video from the camera?  Try waving your hand rapidly in front of the camera lens.

Manual: Canon C100 Manual (PDF)

Project Setup in Avid: Canon C100 and Ninja 2 Setup for Recording

C100 and Ninja 2 Recording Workflow: Canon C100 and Ninja2 23.98fps recording workflow